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About Us

Curso de Educação de Adultos

How we started:

LWB, founded by Grace Devers, started not as a business but as a single person looking for some students to teach. After a few months of teaching, Grace realised she enjoyed what she did and looked for ways to expand herself, from there came the idea of starting a business. From designing her own business cards to growing enough to acquire an office, Grace always remained determined and positive. ​​​ ​ Through a complicated couple of years and what seemed to be constant set backs, the language school prevailed and slowly kept growing and sharing its values to those who are interested. Today, our values and aims remain the same!

Our Mission:

When creating the language school, the aim was never to have more students and make more courses, our true aim is to build English Language Schools in third world countries in order to provide the newer generations a better chance at succeeding in a world where English is the main Business and Social language. 

We also aim to create a community of language learning lovers and be able to teach amazing people so they can integrate themselves and feel connected to others. 

Pilha de livros

Why the name 'Languages Without Borders'? 

The name of LWB was a random thought that appeared one day in Grace's mind. When she thought of the name, she realised it was a keeper. The name sums up our mission and desire to spread language learning beyond all borders, there are no limits to where we will go and it also symbolises how passionate we are about out mission. 

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