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Whether you are already taking Portuguese lessons or you're looking for something lighter to get you started, the courses are a great option. No commitment, no times and no dates. Indulge in self study wherever and whenever you want with no one to distract you. If you feel you work better alone or that you would benefit from the freedom and flexibility of the courses then you can consider them being your best option. 


Minimum 8 hours - Beginner

This level is for those who are just  starting their Portuguese or English Language learning process or for those who want more study material. 

Don't be fooled by the word 'beginner' and consider this level unimportant. Even if you are above A1 this course level has amazing bases to go over and to practice! 

In this level you will gain the knowledge of how to make statements, adjective placement and how to say 'A/An/The' whilst learning how to gender and number statements as well as be able to use it's components freely throughout every other level in the course. This level is divided by eight worksheets, which is a MINIMUM of eight hours of studying. Each worksheet has a different topic, from cafes to restaurants and pharmacies. With each topic you will learn common sentences, questions, vocabulary and their pronunciation that you will be able to immediately apply on your day to day basis alongside everything mentioned above. 

Encontro Online

Minimum 8 hours - Pre Intermediate

After learning how to make statements and applying everything related to making statements, in the A2 level you will be able to use these foundations to grow your Portuguese knowledge even further. Using what you learnt in the level before, you will be able to create simple sentences using the verb 'to be' in the present which is one of the focuses of this level. Continuously learning more vocabulary, common questions, sentences and their pronunciation from topics. 

   By the end of this level you will know how to perfectly connect and make a sentence whilst also having the knowledge of how to gender and number whole sentences. You will, at this point, have a good start at a list of Portuguese vocabulary. 

Os alunos adultos

Minimum 8 hours - Intermediate

Completing the two first levels is an amazing achievement and at this point you should start feeling more confident in your Portuguese and you should be able to understand more things you hear. Moving onto the intermediate level you will start with 'Question Vocabulary', this means that you will learn the most common question words like 'who?', 'what?', 'when?', 'where?' and 'why? ...etc. You will also thoroughly practice them and put them into context with material learnt in the previous levels. In this level you will also learn present verb conjugations for the most common verbs, whilst applying them to your knowledge of simple sentences and the  'Questions Vocabulary' previously learnt. Again, you will continuously learn new vocabulary and add to your list. This level will enhance your everyday conversational skills and will improve your pronunciation. 

Minimum 8 hours - Upper Intermediate

Throughout this level  we will be learning new material that is going to aid you in making more complex sentences. From saying 'I am happy' to saying 'I am happy because I am learning Portuguese'. You will learn how to join two simple sentences to make a more complex one as shown above. You will learn the 'joining words' that are needed in order to make this happen and you will learn how and in what context to use them. You will be consolidating your verb conjugation knowledge and you will be using all the material previously learnt in order to advance in your language learning process. 

   From this level on, your confidence should be much better and you should feel as if you have a much deeper understanding of how to have a more fulfilled conversation. More vocabulary will be added to your list.

Notas do bloco de notas
Digitando no Computador

Minimum 8 hours - Advanced

The hardest material necessary for completing all the grammatical foundations that you need in order to become truly independent will be covered in this level. 

In C1 we will be studying the five main prepositions and their variants in order to say things like 'in', 'on', 'at' and  'from' ...etc.  Until now our sentence making has relied solely on verbs, subjects and objects. By studying prepositions, you will find the language to become much clearer and more organised as a whole. 

This level allows you to fully make sense of the language and  move on to the next level which is focused on speaking and listening. 

Again, this level will be taught by topics and new vocabulary will be introduced whilst focusing on pronunciation and giving you the opportunity to practice the material. 

Image by Brandi Redd

Minimum 8 hours - Advanced Plus

We know the term 'Advanced Plus' is scary and that you may think it means you will be completely fluent by this point but, that only relies on whether you applied yourself or not. If you have reached this level and you are not feeling very confident and you are not really in tune with everything we reviewed and learnt over the previous levels than we do advise you to look back and study a little bit more before moving onto this last level. In this level you will be focusing on speaking and listening. This means that all the pronunciation, vocabulary, sentences and questions you have learnt so far will be used all in one. You may find it initially tricky but bear in mind it is not your mother tongue and the fact that you are trying and that you have reached this level is incredible by itself. When going through this level you also have to bear in mind if you are surrounded by a  Portuguese Speaking Environment or not. If you rarely interact in a Portuguese situation, the speaking and listening will prove to be a lot more difficult. Start this level whenever you feel ready!

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