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When looking to learn a language it can easily become overwhelming due to so many different options, ideas and opinions. By choosing to have lessons with LWB you are choosing easy and straightforward. Don't over-complicate, take the first step now. 

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How are lessons structured? 

Before you get into looking through prices, choosing times and lesson structures, take a moment to consider whether this teaching style fits your needs: 

1. The way lessons work and are structured is mostly dependent on the student. During the first initial lesson the aim is to get to know you - what you like and don't like, how you work, what fuels you, a little about your life and just get a feel of what type of teaching style would fit you best based on your personality! 

2. Then, the second lesson we focus on finding out what level you are at, what you know and what you don't know whilst also covering some basics. 

3. From there on you will be able to enjoy tailored lessons that fit YOU, lessons that look to harness your strengths and aid in your weaknesses. You will be learning by topics and each lesson you will learn vocabulary, sentences and questions about that topic that you can immediately apply in your day to day life. 

4. There will be a lot of pronunciation focus and initially we will need to build some solid grammatical foundations before moving on to speaking!

Online Lessons

This type of lessons is not always everyone's first choice but sometimes, you have to take your lifestyle into consideration: 


More Flexibility

If you are the kind of person who works a lot, who has lots of responsibilities and doesn't seem to have any time to have lessons then this is ideal. Online lessons allow you to keep up or begin with your language learning process wherever and whenever you want.   You can choose when and how. Making it so easy! 

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More Time

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Less Stress

People who tend to need every little bit of time they have are usually the ones who hate commuting to places. By choosing online lessons you will not have to commute anywhere! You can access the lessons from your laptop and in a time span of a couple of minutes you will be connected and ready to go! ​​

We all understand the hassle of having to get out of your comfy sweatpants to go somewhere when you don't really want to. That is why online lessons are great! You can do them in your PJ's and not have to worry. You can focus more from the comfort and familiarity of your own space! Making the stress of having to get ready and commute dissapear! 


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