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About Our Teachers

we aim for the best

Here at LWB we always look past the degree, what we search for is someone who is kind, caring and patient. Someone who is confident in their work. Our teachers are people who inspire and engage, they are friends. This is why our teachers are your best choice! 

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Learn Portuguese

Grace Devers

​​Owner of LWB & Experienced Portuguese & English Teacher 

Grace is very focused and determined. She really values getting to know her students and becoming their friends whilst also maintaining the level of professionalism that is needed. Grace taps into students needs, strengths and weaknesses and harnesses them to allow the student to grow and prosper in their language learning process. She is fun, kind and caring. Grace is very patient and it is definitely a privilege to work with her. 

Grace was born in the UK but moved to Portugal when she was only 5 years old as her father's side of the family is Portuguese. She has lived, studied and worked in Portugal ever since. 

After leaving school, which Grace never liked very much, she felt very lost and had no idea what to do with her life as most 18 year olds don't. One day while her mum was scrolling through facebook, she saw the Cambridge CELTA course, something that would allow Grace to travel and work in lots of different places. With the support of her parents she managed to apply and prepare for the course and pass it with flying colors. 

That course would take Grace down the path of Language Teaching, she fell in love with the profession and hoped to be able to expand it in order to reach people who need it. Her aim is to be able to provide an easy language learning process to those who want to integrate themselves into society. 

Grace feels the pain and frustration of wanting to be a part of a community but not being able to due to language barriers. That is why she believes languages should be provided and available for all!

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